Try it again

The phrase “Try it again” has an overall meaning to me…there was a moment when I was six years old, just after I started learning to play the piano, that after a short while I toyed with the idea again stop. I immediately loved the sound of the instrument, liked learning new things and my music teacher said I was very talented, but I felt like I needed to be able to play the instrument faster. After the first few weeks of lessons, I went to my father and said to him, “I don’t know if I can play this instrument, I can’t play my left hand well enough. I think I want to stop.” My father then said without pressure: “If you like, try it again.” To this day I am very grateful to him for saying that to me. I don’t know if I continued with the music otherwise would have.

He helped me move on when I had doubts about moving on. How nice it is when at the moment when the head turns on or the restlessness/impatience turns on and you have the feeling to stop, someone is there who gives you the courage to go on. I wish everyone a lot of fun trying things out, that we keep paths open to each other, that we encourage each other to keep at it, that not everything has to be perfect immediately and that everyone can develop what flourishes in one.

In love,