“Blockages that can stand in the way of making music”

Here is a list of blockages, beliefs and fears that I often hear around me that can interfere with making music and I hope I can give you something to help resolve them with the affirmations. (To be continued,..)

Possible (unconscious) blockages:
Perfectionism (My song is never good enough, "I have to work on part XY, before I can release it"
Procrastination ("I have to rest, I have to be completely in a good mood before I can start")
Fears: Fear of not being good enough/learning the instrument Fear of showing yourself Fear of being too old to learn the instrument or become a musician Fear of becoming successful As a result, fear of making mistakes/doing something wrong/fear of getting into trouble Fear of being criticized that the music isn't good enough Fear of general change
Beliefs that may be related: "I'm not good enough to make music/become a musician" "I'll never be able to do that, it's too hard" "I'm too old to be a musician" "I'm too slow to learn the instrument" "No one will like my music" "I can't make any money from this" "It's not going fast enough, it frustrates me, I'm not making any progress, I should be much faster" Everything has to be perfect before I can start" “I can no longer jump up/catch up where others are” "I'm too old to change anything" There are already enough good musicians Possible exercises to resolve these: Pay attention to your own intuition/gut feeling (e.g. through meditation, yoga, ...") Enjoy/let go of the sound while playing, get out of your head Treat yourself like a good friend (be kind to yourself, without unhealthy pressure,...) Balance: Sometimes it helps to let go and do something different (go for a walk, ...) Incorporate intermediate steps, “baby steps” Pay attention to your own exercise rhythm (time of day,...) Accept different parts of one and perhaps make compromises first (risk and security/have a part-time job first, ..)
Possible affirmations: "I am valuable no matter if I make a mistake" "I have fun" "How cool it is that I can make music" "I do my best and give it into the world as a present"