Mary says she wants to run away to be a better girl she packs her bag and runs into the dark Her destination is unknown But when she gets there she will know she moves while following her heart Mary leaves her home she’s on her way, she’s on her way for more Mary starts […]


Do you believe, do you believe in what you see? You keep your heart in your pocket, keep it safe, safe from me You look at me, you look at me and we don’t speak Because we know where it goes when we fall so easy When we get close, we reflect too much We’re […]


I wish that you don’t have to be anyone and that you are seen as the person you are

I hope that you can live your dreams and that society lets you and supports you

Nobody can express themselves the way you do,

Nobody tells your story the way you do


Down there
You have sunk low
But from there you see the surface sparkle
Dare and go into hiding
And what miracles there are

Try it again

The phrase “Try it again” has an overall meaning to me…there was a moment when I was six years old, just after I started learning to play the piano, that after a short while I toyed with the idea again stop.


A big hello to my blog! Lately I have felt the urge to write to you more and more and soon I will tell you a bit about my everyday life on this blog, about memories, anecdotes and thoughts that have helped me to continue with making music.


All the birds will sing for you all the stars will shine from now on till I’ll be with you All my thoughts will be about you every note of this song will be right from my heart Since I’ve known you I’ve groped for words I’ve never told you the truth about us For […]


Du greifst nach den Sternen und winkst mir aus der Ferne Du müsstest mal Dein Lächeln sehn Du strahlst wie ein Feuerwerk Du wagst Dich immer ins Fremde und ist es noch so schwer Der Anfang ist nie das Ende Nichts hält Dich hier mehr Und alles macht auf einmal Sinn All die Tränen waren […]

Auf Bald

Wohin wird es Dich ziehen an welchen Ort wirst Du noch gehen wo wird Dein Zuhause sein Ich denk, dort wird es schön sein voller lieber Leute die Dich als Person feiern Ich wünsch Dir, dass Du frei bist und niemals einsam dass sie immer erkennen, wie toll Du bist Dass Du niemand sein musst […]