“Blockages that can stand in the way of making music”

Here is a list of blockages, beliefs and fears that I often hear around me that can interfere with making music and I hope I can give you something to help resolve them with the affirmations. (To be continued,..) Possible (unconscious) blockages: Perfectionism (My song is never good enough, “I have to work on part […]


No more looking at yesterday
From now on only high-fives with the leaves

Winding Road

How far we’ll go, how far we’ve come Oh life you are a winding road I still don’t know you, but I’m wanderin’ on Oh life you are a winding road How far is it to reach the past Oh life you are a wondrous path Oh life walk with me Let me know who […]


Keep away from the vampires Cause every bite could get you down Hold off the bats fluttering around your head They just don’t know where to go Hold off the ones who made you cry Cause some of their words will knock you out Hold off the ones who live in musts and shoulds They […]

The best is yet to come

You let me wait I’ll wait for you You’re telling lies I hear the truth Here’s my hand You seem to care Here’s my heart you hesitate Let me try to make it right If we fail, at least we’ve tried You let me freeze I have a coat You loose the faith I’ll hold […]

The Beginning

I know we’ll have to go this long way up for more Let us hope for a new beginning Decisions made for love You left your life behind let us hope for a new beginning And so we run against the storm No matter how long it will take we’ll search for the sun and […]

Old & Wise

Thank you my love for the time we’ve had so far at one point everyone has to leave but I’m sure we won’t fall apart Thank you for all that you helped me see inside I’m packing all your luggage to make sure you’ll travel fine Let us meet here again when we’re old and […]


Du stehst vor der weiten Welt und jedes Gefühl darf sein Da ist noch etwas was Dich hält Welche Angst wird es sein Du stehst vor dem Neuanfang und fühlst Dich noch nicht bereit Doch auch wenn es Dir schwerfällt Horchst Du in Dich hinein Da ist dieser Puls in Dir Du hörst wie er […]


You’ve travelled far to see the world When you come home I won’t be here I can’t say why I can’t define We’ll be closer but stranger’s inside And I’m lost without you So long The warning signs In our lives Have never been This strong before I’m not leaving you I’m letting you go […]


Am I dreaming this? I fell asleep but I see you clear You are hiding from me I must be dreaming this My eyes are closed and I want to sleep But your pain is a part of me Are you there for me father When I’m half asleep Can you see me father When […]