“Blockages that can stand in the way of making music”

Here is a list of blockages, beliefs and fears that I often hear around me that can interfere with making music and I hope I can give you something to help resolve them with the affirmations. (To be continued,..) Possible (unconscious) blockages: Perfectionism (My song is never good enough, “I have to work on part […]

Try it again

The phrase “Try it again” has an overall meaning to me…there was a moment when I was six years old, just after I started learning to play the piano, that after a short while I toyed with the idea again stop.


A big hello to my blog! Lately I have felt the urge to write to you more and more and soon I will tell you a bit about my everyday life on this blog, about memories, anecdotes and thoughts that have helped me to continue with making music.